Highline College Women Supply Program

Nyokabi Munyaka during the annual Highline Women Supply Program

The Highline College women’s programs Provide s a welcoming place for potential students, current students and community members who are looking for classes, workshops and services focused on issues facing them today.  They help students overcome the hurdles you face coming to school, support you while you are here and assist you with the transition back to work. One way they give their students assistance is through their annual school and supply give away event.

During this year’s annual supply give away I was honored and privileged to partner with the women’s program at Highline Community College during their annual supply give away event, we were able to provide returning students who are mothers and want to go back to college and finish or start their college journey. During the event we gave away supplies ranging from note books, pens, pencils, folders and files for them to use at class. We also went ahead to give them home items such as cleaning and washing detergents as well as diapers since most of the students enrolled in to this program are young mothers. The goal is to provide necessary necessities that could be a hindrance for these women to go back to school, we seek to ensure we help all students be as comfortable as possible so that they can concentrate in class and through these events and support, Highline has recorded an increased number of students graduating with their AA degree.

I feel very honored to have partnered with them in helping and supporting students to ensure that their goal and dreams are realized, I look forward to working again next year and ensure more students receive all the support they need to stay and continue with their goal to graduate.

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